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What is the State Position Classification System?

The State Position Classification System allows state agencies to utilize categories to generally describe positions and define potential future opportunities.

Classifications, which are defined by the South Carolina Department of Administration’s Division of State Human Resources, help efficiently organize state jobs by: 

  • Defining a position’s responsibilities and authority level.
  • Offering a broad scope of duties.
  • Helping with recruitment efforts.
  • Identifying potential career and growth paths.

While position classification helps define the minimum qualifications and general duties of the position, more specific duties and qualifications are defined for each job by each agency.

Because of the broad scope of the classifications, many agencies use more descriptive internal or “working” titles.

What are pay bands?

Each position classification fits into a specific pay band. South Carolina uses 10 pay bands, with each having a minimum, midpoint and maximum salary. A broad range of salary in these bands allows for salary growth for employees within the same job classification.

Learn more about the state’s classification system. Learn more about pay bands.

How do I apply for a job?

Applying for positions that interest you is quick and easy once you have completed your online profile. Create your online profile.

Once you have created an online profile, select the position you want to apply for and click “Apply.”  The information from your profile will automatically populate the fields in the application.

Prepare ahead of time to make completing your online profile easier by:

  • Collecting details about your education and employment history.
  • Ensuring you have an email account. Free email is available through providers such as, and


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